May 2017 Update

So, I’m back from my three week long trip to the United Kingdom to study the history of mathematics and how it links to culture. While I was gone, I showed you what my room looks like, what’s on my phone, what’s on my laptop as well as what tech gadgets I own.

The content under my blog and YouTube channel (unless I say otherwise) is now licensed under the CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA license. Basically, you can share my work as well as make adaptions of it provided a) you credit me and link to the original (BY) b) it’s for non-commercial use and c) the derived work is licensed under similar terms. If you don’t like those terms, email me and we can with something out. Fair use/fair dealing is still a thing however.
It’s summer time and I’ve got a lot of stuff planned personally and blog wise. Ideally, I would have had an internship, but that didn’t work out so I’ll be working at my college campus as an RA (free housing!), library assistant as well as cafeteria assistant (it pays well). To be honest, I really feel like I’m lagging behind big time and I think I’m screwed in terms of job prospects. I might as well make the most of my summer jobs.

I’m hoping to lose weight as well as learn how to cook as well. Being fat sucks, and it’s time to grow up and be a responsible adult. I also hope to try out bullet journaling and I’m planning a trip to Southern California as a trial run for my trip to Shenzhen. Blog wise, I’m planning a major redesign where I’ll give this blog a whole new look in addition to refining my work, better marketing and a bunch of other cool stuff. I hope to finish in late August so stay tuned for more info for that.

Content wise, I honestly done have much planned for June. I wanna make a video on my trip to the U.K., a travel film if you may. I’ll also post pics of my trip on Instagram, which you should follow, @thisisfarai. I’m also gonna post some posts on the museums I went to in addition to leaving some reviews. I’m also gonna finish the Human Resource let’s play and maybe make a review/essay on the game. Then to mark the six months of YouTube, I’ll post a personal critique of all my content, my website etc.

Before I sign out, I just wanna apologize for being so vicarious on twitter. I don’t know why I’m so heavily invested in the politics of a country I’m not a citizen of , but it’s so hard to watch idly. Well, I’m still idle since I haven’t done anything tangible so this whole political investment needs to be dialed down a bit, or at the very more productive.

So that’s what’s up! Stay tuned for amazing things during the summer. Plus, send me gift card. It was my birthday. Ktnxbai.


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