My Goldman Sachs Summer Technology Analyst Interview Experience

This past week, I was able to land an interview with Goldmam Sachs for their Summer Technology Analyst position. From the 50 odd applications I submitted, Goldman are the first company to invite me to their offices for an interview.

The time between the application and the interview was 10 from when I filled the online application.

The day after I applied, I was given a Hackerank quiz. The quiz had two questions, one on finding the second smallest element in an array and the other on the sum pairs in an array that add up to a certain number. While the first question was easy, the second one was hard to do efficiently.

Once I handed in the Hackerank quiz, I got a Hire Vue interview. The Hire Vue interview had me answer 6 questions with a video response. While they were mostly easy, one of them was rather hard to answer.

Mind you, these interview happened within 4 days from applying, which was quick. Once I finished the interviews, I got an email saying that they were reviewing my application and they would get to me a few days later.

A few days later, the recruiter asked me to confirm that I would be able to get to the interview, which They would fly me out to. After ironing out a few details and booking my flights, I was ready for the Superday.

That weekend, I spent some time preparing my business attire. I couldn’t decide which tie I wanted to wear, so I picked red since it stood out. Later on, I was told red was too powerful and political to wear, so I went with Navy Blue.

The flight to New York via Newark (don’t fly there) didn’t go too well since my original flight got cancelled and the replacement flight got delayed. Because of the delays, I got to the hotel (which Goldmsn owns) rather late. I could have taken an Uber, but that was $40 vs. The $5 for public transport and my feet.

The next day, I got up and ready and I headed for Goldman’s New Jersey office which was just a ferry across the river away from Lower Manhattan where the hotel was. They had an office right next to the hotel, but the held there interview in NJ for some reason.

I digress. I got to their office with plenty of time to spare. I got to mingle with some other candidates before we headed up to their office. 

The Superday was in 3 parts, a behavioral interview, a technical interview and an informal networking session where we got to talk to some of the technical staff.

I had the behavioral portion first where I had to walk through my resume, explain how I would design a self parking car, talk about a unique problem I’ve faced as well as a question on how I would scale an application. After I asked the interviewer a few questions, I went to the next room for the technical portion.

At the technical portion, I met with two engineers. They asked me how I would design an application to search a string, how to sort some numbers, how to help a co-worker who isn’t getting along well with a colleague as well as how to ensure quality assurance.

With the technical portion over, I headed for the networking session. I had a really good chat with the tech staff where they talk about how they got to work at Goldman, NY life, their projects, intern experience, and their experience returning at Goldman.

With that over, I headed across the river back towards the World Trade Center to grab some lunch, hang around and try it done headphones. Once I got bored, I headed back to Newark to get back to college.

A week later, I got a call saying that I didn’t get the position. To be honest, I don’t think I did too well. I didn’t handle the abstract questions well and I couldn’t explain quick sort or merge sort. I ended up getting a lot of hints and a internalized stares of futility.

I appreciate Goldman for flying me out and giving me a chance. It’s exciting to get flown out. I just wished they I was better prepared for the interview and I communicated better. Back to applying I guess!


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