AGCKB Address of 2016

In Year 0 of the blog, I was able to gain 1 Follower, 600 reads and 500 YouTube Views. The most popular post was What’s Inside Github’s Student Developer Pack?[0] that had 200+ views because I shared it on FB. Maybe I should do that more. As for my older YouTube Channel, it ded.

In 2017, I hope to do app showcases where I show you the stuff I’ve been working on and explain my design choices. I will also include a series where I will explore certain topics in depth such as software licenses, sorting algorithms et cetera.

As for channel goals, I hope to gain at least 20 regular readers and 100 YouTube subscribers. I also want to move off of onto a VPS service as well as buy a domain for the website. I also want to learn how to do this stuff properly.

The entire address can be watched below.


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