Six Months In: Planning The Future Of This Blog

On the 19th of December 2015, I published my first blog post, My First Hackathon, three months after I opened this blog. Since then, I have published 16 blog posts on various topics such as Interviews, Tutorials and Personal Projects which have had an all time viewership of 557 \o/. The idea was to make a post once a week, but somewhere between my classes and my poor time management skills, that didn’t happen. I’ve also “made” two videos, rather poorly and a couple of personal projects. All of this is well and good, but I have much bigger plans for this blog. Among them are,

  • More Consistent Posts – Right now, I’m only averaging 1 post a month. There were times when there were more frequent posts, but I’ve had a lot of rough weeks that killed my motivation to write.
  • Increasing Viewership – So far, I only have one follower (props 2 Cecil Williams) and a mind boggling 557 views. By the end of this year, I hope to get 3,000 views as well as 50 subscribers.
  • Showcasing Projects – I’ve only made one significant project (QuickPush) that only has one paying user…ME! In addition to making more projects, I want to get better at showcasing them. Showcasing includes both describing the development process as well as walking through the project. Whats the use of making great products if nobody understands how to use it?
  • Get A Dedicated Website for AGCKB – To get greater control of this website, make it more “professional” as well as gaining experience in deploying WordPress ebsites in case I decide to do it for $500 a pop, a dedicated website, would be a good thing to have. Right now, money is tight and I don’t understand LAMP yet, but I aim to get a dedicated site running by the end of this tear, early next year.
  • Improving Video Offerings – As I said, I have only “made” 2 videos which were put together without much direction. It was basically “one shot and go!”. In the coming months, I intend on making more videos and livestreams to experiment with new ways of delivering content. Not to mention getting better at video editing and presentation skills. I have one consistent series planned that will be released at the end of every month that you’ll get to see starting July 30.
  • Getting Better at Hackathons – I really enjoy hackathons as they are a great time to meet with other CS students at other universities in addition to building a network. Unfortunatly, as tasty as the food is, I don’t really build much (that works anyway). The first post was about a hackathon, but I didn’t post about the next three because I suck at them. Going into my third year, I hope to get better at hackathons as well as improve reporting on them.
  • Improving “Blogging” –  I thought this stuff would be easy. I see blogs such as College Info Geek by Thomas Frank and Scott Hanselman’s own blog and get amazed and I really wanted to get to their level. That’s really hard to do. It takes lots of time and effort to get a really good blog going. While I’m at it, I might as well get better at writing, learn the SEO (if I don’t have it, who will find me) and other blogerific things.
  • Increasing Exposure – My top post came about because I shared it on a Facebook Page. I guess I should be doing that more often. After all, what’s the point of having a great blog if people don’t know about it?
  • Making use of a forum – With a forum, its easier to have higher quality discussions.While a dedicated forum is years away, I hope to have a Reddit sub up soon.
  • Improve Community Interaction – Replying to comments in English. I haven’t had to do much community interaction on this blog, posting on various sites like reddit, Quora and HN will improve my exposureas well as help other people who need it.

With these goals in place, I hope to get this blog somewhere. I really want to build a strong community of programmers of all skills and backgrounds so that we can move forward together. Plus, getting to learn all this stuff will be super exciting #eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.


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