What’s wrong with this blog?

This blog started in September last year when I thought to myself

“I’m really boring and nobody around me cares about the stuff I do, so I might as well blog about my interests on the Internet. Plus, it will help track my skill development, not only as a programmer, but in terms of communication.” 

And the internet loved it since it accepts people who are generally put aside by society AFK. Except, that isn’t exactly true Stats

Oh, and most of those views are from me trying to see what my blog would look like. About 20 came from a question on Quora made in desperationas a well meaning attempt to get feedback. Plus, I still suck IRL, but that’s besides the point. Let’s analyse my blog shall we.

The Things I’m Doing Right

Right Thing #1: The blog actually exists

Like seriously, it’s much better than staying in a state of indecision and putting it off until I’m “ready”. While the posts aren’t the best written nor Hacker News worthy, the fact that they’re there and I’m willing to try new things (such as the side blog soJava and the Let’s Make) and learn from my (many) mistakes.

Right Thing #2: The site looks clean

Besides the ads enabled by default, the site looks clean thanks to the Sequential WordPress theme. That way, the content is the sole focus of the (nearly non existent) reader.Again, I’m not saying the site is the most navigable, it just looks clean-especially the blue, which is my new favorite Hex Code #055692.

Right Thing #3: My blog is somewhat diversified.

I mean, it isn’t just text. I also hosted a live stream which also had a bagillion viewers (no it didn’t) where I made a Chrome Extension. I hope to have more live streams where I make stuff. Plus, I also have another blog, Semester of Java, where I track my learning of Java in line with my college class, which I’m slacking on big time.

Right Thing #4: A blog post is published once a week

Although the blog officially started in September 2015 and I hoped to publish the first post on September 26, it only came out on December 19, a whole 3 months later! When it published however, I was like

Hey, I promised to publish once a week, but I didn’t do jack. Time to step it up from next year on out

I guess I stuck true to it because each week since then, I’ve published something, no matter how shitty. Forcing yourself to churn out one post a week is a great way to form discipline. While the blog post itself needs work, setting up a schedule and sticking to it provides a nice bit of motivation to keep me accountable to my work and development.

Mmm…that wasn’t so bad. I though there wasn’t anything great about my blog, but now that I think of it more, I’m probably too hard on myself. With that said, it’s time to roast my blog.

The Things That I’m Sucking At

Sucky Thing #1: The writing sucks.

I mean, it’s just so bad. My explanations are horrendous. I tend to use too much technical speak. Sentences run over. Grammar rules are non existentwould be a good idea at this point. Posts are too damn long.Plus, I lack this artsy, je ne sais quoi to my writing that makes good writing stand out.

Fortunately, I’m doing things that are forcing me to not only write more, but to write well like classes, my new part time job and most importantly, this blog.

Sucky Thing #2: I don’t actually talk about the Computer Science Stuff

From this websites about page,

AGCKB is a blog discussing things programming and computer science related. Every week, a post about programming, personal projects, computer science theory and hackathons will be posted here.

Sounds all good, but I haven’t blogged any computer science stuff yet. If I’m not going to post computer science stuff, I might as well leave out the computer science part from the about page. Don’t worry though, I’m planning on releasing a post about how I connected the gap between theory and practice next month.

Sucky Thing #3: My content is disorganized

Nearly all my posts are categorized which isn’t helpful for the random wanderer who finds this blog. Also, I don’t really have a nice landing page nor archive page to list all the blog articles I’ve made, which makes navigation really hard. It would be real helpful if I had a way to let uses discover all that I had to offer. I guess it has to do with the limited content I had, but I should look into making blog “scalable”.

Sucky Thing #4: No SEO, Custom Domain, Self Hosted WordPress etc.

Although this is something on the side, at some point, I’ld like many more people to find out about the awesome stuff I’m doing, and I might even help them do awesome stuff. To do that, people need to find out about my blog and to do that, I need to make use of SEO and other fancy stuff. So far, I’m concerned about writing quality and general direction of the blog, so I wont be focusing on SEO for a while.

Sucky Thing #5: Nobody knows I exist

Like seriously, this blog is as lonely as I am IRL. I swear, each post I put out is just being aired out into a vacuum. Then gain, I have nothing worth talking about yet, so I’m not ready to share what I’ve got.

What can I do about it?

Instead of being incredibly salty at the state of this blog, I’ll propose some ways to fix it, namely

Fixing the About/Landing Page

Right now, those pages make no sense whatsoever. When an outsider visits my blog, they should be able to find out who I am and what this blog is about. Right now, the About page is a total joke and it needs a good update. Plus, I need a landing page welcoming people to my blog and outlining my posts, including the most recent.

Learn how to write properly by reading good writing

I mean, the writing here is abysmal. I’ll try to improve by reading stuff like the Tech Writing Handbook by Douzuki, Purdue’s Grammar Guide and a variety of technical documentation. Also, for some writing practice, I’ll step up my Quora Game, keep writing these blogs and if I feel brave enough, fix typos on GitHub Projects.

Organize My Posts

As I’ve mentioned many times, the site’s navigation is appealing. One way to fix that is to create new categories for each of my posts as well as adding good tags to my content. Also, an Archive Page wouldn’t hurt.

Make a shareworthy post

So far, my posts are incredibly niche and I don’t think they will add much if I was to share them on Hacker News or Reddit. This coming months, I hope to publish something worthy of being shared so keeps your eyes peeled for that.

Stay persistent and keep posting weekly!

This blog has virtually no exposure, but I can’t expect it come overnight. It’ll take a lot of time and effort to get this log to a reasonable size so that I can try out more awesome things. Each post I make, I get better at writing, so it would make sense to stick to that.

So, to that end, while its great this blog exists, I still have  lot of work to do to make it a respected and high quality blog. This wont happen overnight and it will require me to invest in each and every single blog post I make both here and on soJava.

If you read this far, you’re awesome! Next month, you can expect a posts on my learning model, a hackathon, something to do with computer science, a new project and if it happens, the search for an internship.

I know that I have been slacking with soJava, but I swear, I will have new posts coming out this week! Just wait and see.


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